Monday, September 6, 2010

Pasted Chicken

    This is the first recipe featured on this blog that is not from the family archives. I can confidently say that this is not just the mother, but the grandmother of all easy recipes! Just right for all you bachelors and bachelorettes and lazy cooks and time-starved wives and mothers (and husbands and fathers too!).
    This was published with this name in the popular Malayalam women's magazine, Vanitha. I unfortunately did not take down the name of the contributor, but hats off to her for coming up with such a creative, easy recipe. Seasoned cooks may not believe that this could turn out to be a delicious dish because the ingredients needed are so basic (my mother was tempted to add some more ingredients and spices when I cooked this first, but please resist that temptation!). Trust me, it's so good that even a certain Mr. J couldn't stop raving about this when he had it the first time and now it's a firm family favorite!
    For 500 g chicken, curry cut (As usual, may serve 4, unless you are chicken lovers, which might then serve 2!!!)  
    1. Oil                      Half cup
    2. Chilli powder       1 tablespoon
    3. Pepper                To taste
    4. Tomato Ketchup  3/4th cup
    5. Salt                    To taste
    • Marinate the chicken pieces with the oil, chilli powder, pepper and salt for just 10 minutes.
    • Heat a nonstick pan-don't add any more oil-and put the marinated chicken into it, stirring a little to mix everything .
    • Cover and cook on low flame till the chicken is about half cooked (about 15 minutes) at which point, pour in the tomato ketchup. Stir to mix well.
    • Continue cooking on low flame till it's fully cooked. Serve with a smug smile :-)
    • If you want it as a dry sauce, cook uncovered on low flame after you add the ketchup. If you continue cooking it covered though, you'll get a nice saucy gravy.
    • You can increase the amount of ketchup if you like it to be tangier.
    •  I modify it now to add an equal mix of tomato ketchup and chilli  garlic sauce (Del Monte brand), which is even yummier.


Emreen said...

This is the simplest chicken dish I have ever heard of... ;-) ;-)